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Like I said in my latest post, winter has finally started. It wouldn't be that bad, if it was a winter taken from movies. Cold, but temperature just below 0 C. Snow, which is beautiful whenever you look at it, already has fallen, and you can make snowman from it and have funny snowball fights. Yep, magical winter only exists in films. It is sooo cold, that the title of the song 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' should be changed into 'Baby, It's Freaking Cold Outside'. Before I go outside I need to put on myself: two pairs of trousers, winter/ski jacket, a warm hoodie, scarf, that is wrapped around my neck like a snake and gloves, that really don't prevent my hands from being cold. Even if I am wearing this armor, I am cold. And I can't do anything. Maybe I should start wearing ski suit, but I would be looking even more stupid, then I am now. It is so hard to make ourselves comfortable in winter, without looking like a fool. Well, we have to deal with it, …


Hello Readers,
I would like to welcome you on my blog once more. This time I'm going to tell you a little bit about what I like.

1) Music.
It's a really important part of my life. (No, I'm not going to end up being a singer). I spend like 6 hours a day listening to it. It would take longer, if I didn't have to go to school, which in this case I don't have many possibilities.
Also, if we talk about music, recently I had watched the X-Factor american version. I really liked the contestants. I think the winners Alex&Sierra (a band) were the best winners of all the X-Factor's winners. Their music was different from others, they stood out every episode. So you have to listen to them or now just to their covers of many songs for example 'Say Something', 'I Heard it Through the Grapevine' and 'Give Me Love'.

2) Movies.
I really like science fiction, but like all people, I like to watch sometimes some really good comedies. This month I watch…



my name is Mary, but my nickname here is Marian. I decided to start my blog. I had one, but I don't write on it anymore (but if you really want to see it- click here :)). Well, maybe something more about me. I'm 15 (16 is close). I'm in high school, I can add. I live somewhere in the world. I wanted to make this blog only about music, but I thought: 'Hey, I like many other things', so basiclly this blog will be about everything. Photography- I love taking random pictures, music- I love listening to every kind of music. Just, you know, my life. Ok, that's it for my introduction, I gotta go do my homework. I hope I'll write to you soon :)