Me trying to say: 'I don't like winter'
Like I said in my latest post, winter has finally started. It wouldn't be that bad, if it was a winter taken from movies. Cold, but temperature just below 0 C. Snow, which is beautiful whenever you look at it, already has fallen, and you can make snowman from it and have funny snowball fights. Yep, magical winter only exists in films. It is sooo cold, that the title of the song 'Baby, It's Cold Outside' should be changed into 'Baby, It's Freaking Cold Outside'. Before I go outside I need to put on myself: two pairs of trousers, winter/ski jacket, a warm hoodie, scarf, that is wrapped around my neck like a snake and gloves, that really don't prevent my hands from being cold. Even if I am wearing this armor, I am cold. And I can't do anything. Maybe I should start wearing ski suit, but I would be looking even more stupid, then I am now. It is so hard to make ourselves comfortable in winter, without looking like a fool. Well, we have to deal with it, if it is -20 C outside.
Most people wait for winter to come, but eventually when it comes, it makes them miserable and they want it gone. But everybody has some dreams. If you wished for snow, it already came too loud and too quick.
Remember to buy yourself some warm clothes and something that prevents you from being cold. 
That is it for my long digression. Hope you all enjoyed me hating winter. If you have something to add, write it in a comment section.
See you soon,
Mary xx

P.S. Now I will leave you with photos of winter (that I made recently). Unfortunately winter on those pictures looks too nice. 


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