Hello everybody!
A few weeks ago I have been with my best friend to an ice rink. Of course being on Saturday evening isn't the most intelligent move as there were maaaany people. Half of those maaaany people were the advanced ones. I don't know if they wanted to show everybody how great they are or just wanted to simply go ice skating. 
Being advanced doesn't necessarly mean to be a threat to others, but I had this feeling that wherever I move, I might be included in an accident. And there were a few accidents. Simply I was just scared.
I don't mean that advanced ice skaters cannot ice skate with those less advanced people (read: me). Maybe the company that runs the whole ice rink should do like an extra hour for just the advanced group.
Besides being afraid of advanced ice skaters, I had a really great time there (and of course with my best friend). I hope I'll go ice skating again soon as I really like this sport.
Thank you for your attention and listening to me hating things again.
See you soon,
 Mary xx