Hello there readers,

there is no place like home, but we have to face it. Being outside our homes makes us happy. It is nice to somewhere else even if it's just for a few days/weeks. I'm not a person who likes changes, but going with my family especially to Italy for my winter break is the dream come true.

Now as I am in Italy for whole two weeks, I can take my mind off many things for example school. Before going for my winter recess, I was so tired of all those tests, homework and teachers, that I begged for it to finally come. Now I have all I asked for: peace, free days of school and skis.

Yes, also being in Italy, gives me an opportunity to do what I really enjoy: skiing. It is one of my favourite sports.

So maybe I will just skip that huge talk about how I love skiing and why, and just show you the amazing photos I have made since I came to Italy.


Thank you for watching my photos.
See you soon,
Mary xx