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I'm 18 years old


When you haven't blogged for 2 months and have so much catching up to do...


a really summery greeting for you there. I really enjoy this summer. Does anyone have like me, because when it's too cold, I wish it was summer, but when it's summer and really hot it just makes me wanna have winter back? Confusing, but true!

But anyway I love summer, when I don't have to do a lot. Just sit in my favourite chair, read books and drink my favourite drinks. So while drinking one of them, I thought that instead of keeping the recipes to myself, I would share them with you my dearest readers!

So here we goooo.

1) Rasberry paradise.

The ingredients: water, rasberry syrup, ice and rasberries to decorate (optional)

How we make it: I think it's the easiest one. We just add the syrup in to the glass. Then add water. Mix it with
a spoon. And well, that's it. You can of course decorate it with some rasberries and to make it even colder add ice.

2) Tropical fizz.

The ingredients: apple juice, tropical juice, soda or normal water, kiwi, strawberries and pinea…