The End of The 30 Day Snap 2014

Hello fellow readers,
it is the end of The 30 Day Snap. I think, I did well. I mean I had some complications like not posting for a week, but it wasn't my fault. Internet connection can screw up many things. Anyway I liked uploading photo everyday, so I think I will keep up the let's say 'photo diary'. Maybe not everyday, but when something interesting will come up in front of my camera lens.

To sum up The 30 Day Snap, I had learned that I can take sometimes good photos (without even knowing). Also it was a nice mobilization for taking a lot more pictures.

Hope you enjoyed The 30 Day Snap. If you decided to start your own photo diary during 30 days, then let me know in the comments below with a link, so I can check it out.

See you (hopefully) soon,