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Aloha everybody,

holidays have started and the first movie during vacations has been watched. And that movie is called 'Total Recall'.

Movie from 1990, no doubt it is a sci-fi and action movie. Also all of you fans of Arnold Schwarzenegger should probably watch it. Oh and almost forgot that Sharon Stone has a very important role in that movie too.

Excuse the twisted plot, but it couldn't have been shown differently.
"A guy called Doug Quaid, who constantly dreams about living on Mars . To fulfill his dreams Doug goes to 'Rekall', a company that provides memory implants of vacations. Quaid picks out a memory trip to Mars as a secret agent. But something goes wrong with the implantation and he remembers being a man, who had become a threat to the goverment, so those in power planted the chip and invented domestic lifestyle for him. When he realizes his true identity, he travels to Mars to find the man resposible for his implanted memory."

Even though the pl…

Sunset Paradise #42

Quick update: Look! I changed a look of my blog! More summery! More colors, well only blue, but still...


Hello fellow readers!

As I promised yesterday, I am going to write a DIY post today. If some of you don't know, DIY stands for do it yourself. It is so popular all over the world these days.

Starting off, maybe I should tell you what I am going to make. It will be a garland. And not some wedding garland or just some garland. No! I or we, if you are going to make one too, will make a summer garland.

Basically I make a garland each season. For Valentines Day I made a heart garland and for spring a flower one. I thought I would make a sun and cloud garland especially for summer. Super exciting :)
I think that those garlands make your bedroom look super prepared for summer and really cute!

Hope you like it. If you make one yourself, then go ahead and send me a photo to my email

Let's start!

1) What will you need? Basically not a lot of things, but you probably won't find all at home, so you will have to go quickly to a shop and buy the…


Ello readers.

Summer has officially started, but not like 'Omg the sun is out'. No, I think it's called the astronomical summer. So now from June 21st to September 20th we are supposed to have sunny and hot weather. Of course we all know it's not going to be so sunny and hot. For example right now (as I'm writing this) it's a really horrible weather. Once it's sunny and in the next 15 minutes it starts raining. What the frick? And this weather keeps going all day today.
Hate that kind of a day. You cannot go outside, because even though it's sunny, it will rain in a minute. That is just awful.

Anyway I'm ill. Yep, it's like more than a week now. And now using some medical terminology.
First for about 4 days I had tonsillitis, which is connected with really bad sore throat and hay fever. And then as I wasn't all well, I caught a coxasackie virus, which caused hand, foot and mouth disease (in Poland it is called a boston disease, because it ap…


Hi there,

so... I'm back, after an exciting week of a school trip. When I hear 'school trip', it sounds like a good opportunity to skip classes. Well, whole journey was quite nice. I got to know my classmates a little bit better and the most important thing, I could take some beautiful pictures.

Especially that the hotel was about 3 minutes from the sea. So after whole day of sightseeing and doing those more educational stuff, I was able to enjoy sunsets on the beach and dip toes in the water. Even though it was a bit cold, and I think I'm having a cold now, it was worth it. I am not very often near Baltic Sea, so I had to use this opportunity to even walk on the beach.

Whole trip took 3 days, not long. But it was definitely good spent. I had the chance to see aquarium in Gdynia with many weird fish, that I haven't got the idea even existed. Of course going into Old Town and stadium PGE Arena of Gdansk, and then the surprise when we got to go to pier in Sopot (I wa…

June Update #41

Quick hi!
In my latest post (click here to read) I said that in the 2 first days of June, it has rained a lot.
But it finally stopped today (June, 3rd) around midday and sun has finally started to shine.
Love this feeling, especially that tomorrow I'm going on a school trip. Cannot wait!
Speak to you soon (probably after my school trip),


Hello everybody!

Beautiful June isn't it? I cannot believe how quick May has passed. Honestly I feel like the 1st day of May was just yesterday. Anyway, June... I think it is one of my favourite months of the year. I'm going on a school trip in a few days. Actually school is over in June, which is probably the most exciting thing in this month. Not that I don't like studying, I just feel a little bit more exhausted, that's all. And also during holidays, I will have plenty of time to watch more movies, read more books, write more posts.

For example I have been soo busy during this school year, that I have read about 2 books tops, when last year in the 3rd class of middle school (as I am now in high school) I probably have read 20 more. It's crazy how school can ruin your routine (in this case book routine). 
I think that it's not only school that ruins my book routine. Lately I have been watching a lot of TV series. Probably too many. I can say that I am addict…