Hi there,

so... I'm back, after an exciting week of a school trip. When I hear 'school trip', it sounds like a good opportunity to skip classes. Well, whole journey was quite nice. I got to know my classmates a little bit better and the most important thing, I could take some beautiful pictures.

Especially that the hotel was about 3 minutes from the sea. So after whole day of sightseeing and doing those more educational stuff, I was able to enjoy sunsets on the beach and dip toes in the water. Even though it was a bit cold, and I think I'm having a cold now, it was worth it. I am not very often near Baltic Sea, so I had to use this opportunity to even walk on the beach.

Whole trip took 3 days, not long. But it was definitely good spent. I had the chance to see aquarium in Gdynia with many weird fish, that I haven't got the idea even existed. Of course going into Old Town and stadium PGE Arena of Gdansk, and then the surprise when we got to go to pier in Sopot (I was just under it, as the tickets were too expensive for me).

Actually I have been in Tricity (the dictionary says it is an urban area consisting three Polish cities: GdaƄsk, Gdynia, Sopot) before. A year ago I think. I liked it more. Maybe because I saw Rihanna playing live. I don't know, but it had something, this years trip didn't. Sad, but true.

Either way it was fun to be in the same place twice through the one-year time. Especially because it doesn't happen very often.

Ok, it is the end of this essay. Below you can see some beautiful pictures, which I told you about earlier.
Hope you enjoy,
and I will speak to you very soon,

There is a big possibility that this jacuzzi was used by Casillas or some other handsome footballer :)


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