Hello fellow readers!

As I promised yesterday, I am going to write a DIY post today. If some of you don't know, DIY stands for do it yourself. It is so popular all over the world these days.

Starting off, maybe I should tell you what I am going to make. It will be a garland. And not some wedding garland or just some garland. No! I or we, if you are going to make one too, will make a summer garland.

Basically I make a garland each season. For Valentines Day I made a heart garland and for spring a flower one. I thought I would make a sun and cloud garland especially for summer. Super exciting :)
I think that those garlands make your bedroom look super prepared for summer and really cute!

Hope you like it. If you make one yourself, then go ahead and send me a photo to my email

Let's start!


1) What will you need? Basically not a lot of things, but you probably won't find all at home, so you will have to go quickly to a shop and buy them.

2) Ok, now we need to measure how much yarn we are going to need.
Remember it's easier to cut yarn off, then to sew or glue two yarns together.

3)When you have the properly measured yarn, you want to take felt of your choice and mark the shapes you want your garland to be.

4)After you mark shapes, you can go ahead and cut them off.

5)I wanted my suns to have rays, so I marked some trinagles and cut them off too.

6)I didn't want just to glue the rays to the suns, that's why I took stapler and stapled them together. But if you prefer gluing, that is fine too :)

7)Time to glue your suns to yarn. I used a Textile Glue, because it glues (for me) the best, especially yarn and felt, but if you have some other glue the will work, then go ahead and use it.

8)Also as I said in the beginning, I made a cloud garland, so below quick guide how to make it.

                            1.                                                   2.

                            3.                                                   4.
                           5.                                                   6.

9) And that is basically it. If you want to decorate them more, you can, but I just left them as they were. I hung my garlands above my bed, so now every day I wake up, I look directly on them.