Ello readers.

Summer has officially started, but not like 'Omg the sun is out'. No, I think it's called the astronomical summer. So now from June 21st to September 20th we are supposed to have sunny and hot weather. Of course we all know it's not going to be so sunny and hot. For example right now (as I'm writing this) it's a really horrible weather. Once it's sunny and in the next 15 minutes it starts raining. What the frick? And this weather keeps going all day today.
Hate that kind of a day. You cannot go outside, because even though it's sunny, it will rain in a minute. That is just awful.

Anyway I'm ill. Yep, it's like more than a week now. And now using some medical terminology.
First for about 4 days I had tonsillitis, which is connected with really bad sore throat and hay fever. And then as I wasn't all well, I caught a coxasackie virus, which caused hand, foot and mouth disease (in Poland it is called a boston disease, because it apparently came from Boston).

The worst thing is that I had many things to deal with, as it is almost the end of this school year. And I could not do it on my own, because well, this hand, foot and mouth disease is very contagious, but apparently you have it just once in your whole life.

So that have been going on in my life right now. Pretty adventurous life I have here.
Probably tomorrow I am going to upload my first DIY post, connected with summer, so that's cool. Hope you'll like it. And right now I'm going to leave you with some pretty pictures from the internet (connected with summer once again).

Speak to you all very very soon,

Disclaimer: all pictures above were taken from