Basically it's raining right now!
Hello everybody!

Beautiful June isn't it? I cannot believe how quick May has passed. Honestly I feel like the 1st day of May was just yesterday. Anyway, June... I think it is one of my favourite months of the year. I'm going on a school trip in a few days. Actually school is over in June, which is probably the most exciting thing in this month. Not that I don't like studying, I just feel a little bit more exhausted, that's all. And also during holidays, I will have plenty of time to watch more movies, read more books, write more posts.

For example I have been soo busy during this school year, that I have read about 2 books tops, when last year in the 3rd class of middle school (as I am now in high school) I probably have read 20 more. It's crazy how school can ruin your routine (in this case book routine). 

I think that it's not only school that ruins my book routine. Lately I have been watching a lot of TV series. Probably too many. I can say that I am addicted. 

Well, I hope during these holidays I will manage to bring all the movies, books and TV series together, without making for one of them less time.

Getting back on the topic of holidays. This years will not be as exciting as last years was. I mean, come on, going to Rihanna's concert and a couple of days spent with my best friend in one of most known polish cities near sea, volleyball camp, also Italy (a huge sightseeing tour). I think last years holidays were definitely one of the best holidays I have ever had.

For 2014's vacations I am sure, I am going to Italy for 2 weeks. And I think for those 2 weeks, I will be the most excited for. But besides that I will be sitting at home.

Hope you didn't fall asleep during reading this post. If you have some exciting places you will go to this holidays, then leave a comment below or write to me by clicking here.

Speak to you soon,

Taken about 3 days ago, when there was actually sun!