Good afternoon,

so I'm soo excited, because I have finally read a book during holidays. My first book this summer!

I don't know, but I have a bit of problem, because when it's school, I simply don't have time to read anything. And sometimes it's just killing me (not literally of course), because I'm a huge fan of reading books.

But I get more motived, when I don't read for a really long time. Also I love riding while on the train, and as I am travelling by it a lot this summer, I have a lot more time to read.

Ohh, the book. Right... So an amazing book by Beth Revis. 'Across the Universe'. I'm in love with it.

It tells a story of a girl, who joins as frozen cargo with her parents spaceship Godspeed. She was supossed to woke up on the new planet in three hundred years in the future, but something mysterious stops her sleep fifty years earlier. So now she has to unlock the spaceship's hidden secrets. And I guarantee there are a lot of them :)

Basically I watched a video by Essie Button, where she and Sanne recommended this book as a Easy reads, light book. And I totally agree. It's a quick to read book and definitely a book that can help you, when you didn't read for quite a while.

And also the best thing for me was that it had like a futuristic plot. And I'm really into sci-fi, fantasy books, especially if there is a love issue.

Ok, yep, that is the book 'Across the Universe'. Amazing to read. I totally recommend it to everybody!

In the comments tell me what is your opinion on this book, if you had read it.

Speak to you soon,


  1. I usually don't like Sci-Fi books, but this one sounds really interesting though! I think I'll give it a try xx

    1. You should give it a try, because it is really great!

  2. Nice ;)

  3. I do not use Insta but this is cute/funny :-)

    1. I am so sorry I posted this about the instagram, what happened? sorki!

    2. I clearly remember to post this over there, maybe both pages were opened in 2 tabs? yuck sorry huh


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