Good afternoon,
so well in 2 days it is the end of July. And I'm like: ' When has it passed so quickly?'. Literally I remember the holidays starting at the begining of July and now it's the end. Amazing. I mean not so amazing after all. 

But luckily I have a month left of the vacations. Whole August. I'm super exicted, because on 15th, I'm heading to Italy for two weeks, just to relax even more, see some nice places. So until school, I have some things planned, not going to be bored for sure.

Anyway before the end of July a quick Instagram journal. I know I have done something similar about a week ago, but I didn't realize that I posted it almost at the end of the month. Silly me, haha :)
And a quick one, because I didn't upload a lot of photos this month. If I have , then some of them you have already seen.

The begining of summer/holidays. And also super stocked by my new sunglasses, haha.

During my stay at my grandpa's house, I have been skating a lot. 
That's a photo taken during a really nice sunset.

Skating with my best friend, who unfortunetely is not in the picture.

This is kind of #throwbackthursday, because I posted this photo, because my friend was turning 17. 
But the photo was taken at the beginning of June.

Photo taken today, haha. During a really nice barbie with my friends. The whole post about this barbecue probably tomorrow :)

That's it. Just a couple of photos.
What's your story on instagram? Send me link or something!
Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. These pictures are nice and you look great. I like this post. Great job.


  2. Cute pictures, you're really pretty :) xx

    1. Thank you very much Monika, but you're prettier x

  3. Great pictures! You look so cute! ;) x
    Hope your having a great summer xo

    1. Thanks Natt. I'm definitely having a great summer!

      Mary x

  4. The pictures are so cute! I have actually done a photography post on my blog if you want to check it out x
    Also, if you would like to follow each other let me know on my blog too -

    1. Thank you very much! I'll definitely check it out!

  5. Great post ;) with great photos .Have a lot of fun in Italy.
    Have a nice day
    In love
    Salo <3

    1. Thank you! Hopefully I will have lots of fun!


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