I feel like I haven't done a lot of music posts. So today I'm going to show you my favourite tracks through
the summer.

1) 'Runaway' by Ed Sheeran
Like I said in my blog post about Ed's album X, I love this album. My favourite track is changing every time, or it's safe to say that every song is my favourite :) But this one is definitely one that I adore the most! It has a nice beat and of course meaningful lyrics, which is amazing, because not all songs have it.

2) 'Back Together' by Jesse McCartney
So Jesse McCartney is back. I don't know, if that's a good thing, because I'm obsessed with his music right now. Maybe I should make a blog post about his new album. But back to the song.
Song really is really upbeat, meaning it's not like a sad one, because it's not good to listen sad songs in the summer.

3) 'She Came To Give it to You' by Usher feat. Nicki Minaj
I saw this song in a Spotify Playlist for like a new songs or something. I thought this song will be like a rap genre kind, because of the Nicki Minaj featuring, but I was completely wrong. Of course Nicki does rap, but the whole song is just such a surprise for me. Kinda Pharrell style, I think it is called R&B genre. But anyway amazing. 

4) 'Happy Little Pill' by Troye Sivan
I was waiting for this song to come out for quite a while now. At first I was like 'Wow, he has a EP coming out, I really want to hear it.'. But I got really exicited about 2 before actual release. Troye Sivan actually posted a full song only on his tumblr. I think that day I listened to this song about 15-20 times.
But anyway still excited for his full EP to come out.

5) 'All About Us' by He Is We feat. Owl City
I don't really know, where I heard this song, but I remember hearing it and immediately loving it. 
It is really like calm, because not like a dance kind one for sure. It just has something in it that I really like.

6) 'Bravado' by Lorde
Just wanted to add that I don't really like Lorde's music. I don't know it sounds the same to me. But either way I always fall for some song of hers. I don't understand it. And this month it's definitely 'Bravado'. Oh and I even found a live version :)

7) 'Stay With Me' by Sam Smith
Kinda really late to the party. I know this song has been a big hit recently, but I haven't heard it until like last week. Of course you don't have to guess, I really adore it! And that's it nothing else to say actually.

And those are my favourite tracks of the summer, probably more like month, but either way my favourites for now, haha :)
In the comments tell me the songs that you enjoy listening, I'm always open to suggestions, when it comes to music.
Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. I love the song Stay With Me. These are some really good songs! You have good taste

    1. It's my jam, haha! Thank you :)

  2. I LOVE it when people do music posts because music is so important to me! I just love seeing what other people are into! Sam Smith is the bomb diggity- he is so very wonderful! You should listen to the rest of his album too, I highly recommend it! :) Great post!
    Take care, :D Teryn!
    The Rucksack Diaries (

    1. I love seeing other people's taste in music. I have to listen to his whole album. Thanks Teryn!

  3. I feel like we have the same playlist, haha! Always great to see what other people are listening too and get new ideas. Nice post :)

    1. I usually listen to pretty popular songs, but I love it! Thanks!

  4. You've picked some amazing songs here, great post Mary :) x

  5. Just like the Abba said once "Thank you for the music" :)

  6. Love all your picks! Ed Sheerans new album is fab and Happy Little Pill is a really good song too. Can't wait to hear the rest of his EP! x

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

    1. Thanks, Ed's new album surely is, and can't wait until his ep comes out too! :)


    1. OMG YEEES! I love it too, haha :)


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