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since it is summer, as you probably now, or not, whatever, I thought I would do 'The Summer Tag'.
So basically there are 9 or 10 questions and I need to answer them. So let's get started!

1) What's your favourite thing about Summer?
As I am in still in school, you probably all know what I am going to say. I love that I don't have to wake up really early. I don't have to worry about any tests. But besides not being at school, my favourite thing about summer is that the days are much longer, and you can make most of it.

2) Do you have a favourite Summer drink? (I mean non-alcoholic)
When it's really hot I tend to drink a lot of water. But I like drinking something refreshing like water with mint and lemon or some sort of milk shakes. They all always remind me of summer, just in case, you know, I forgot or somthing :)

3) Is there a location you like to go to each Summer?
I have been traveling to Italy each summer for 2 years now. So if that count then, yes I do go to this location each year.
But my dream holiday destination would be probably some kind of Maledives or Seychelles. Those islands always look so beautiful, with an clear ocean and those houses on the water. Just paradise!

4) Favourite makeup look for Summer?
I don't really wear makeup, but if I did, I would probably opt for something rather light, than heavy.

5) Dresses or skirts?
Neither probably, because I'm more of a shorts person. But I would probably choose dresses. Because they always look cuter and more elegant.

6) Sandals or ballet pumps?
Definitely ballet pumps. I am not a big fan of sandals, maybe because I don't own any pair of them. But I prefer pumps, so...

7) Hair up or down for Summer?
I always prefer hair down, so I try to make it work in summer, but it is really hard, especially because of the high temperature. So for summer hair up.

8) Favourite perfume for Summer?
Ohh I love the smell of the perfume by Rihanna. I think it was called Reb Fleur, or somthing like that. It is gorgeous, because it smells really frutty, and I love it.

9) Favourite music for Summer?
I usually listen to some tracks that really are about summer or generally about like vacations. But I rather don't have like a playlist especially for summer. I just listen to the same music as in spring or autumn (not gonna say winter, because we all listen to christmas carols, at that time of the year :))

Thanks for reading my Summer Tag.
As long as this was a tag I would love to see those ladies answer questions above:
* Kate from Kate's Home DIY
* Monika from You Get The Picture
* Molly Louise from Molly Louise Blogs
But of course I tag everybody reading this! So in the comments add an adress to your blog, so I can see your answered questions :)

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  1. I've been thinking about ordering the Rihanna perfume for a while now, you make me want it even more! x

    1. I love this perfume so much, it smells amazing. If you want to order them, then I would recommend buying Reb'l Fleur, because I know she released a few perfume, but those Reb'l Fleur are the best. x

  2. Lovely post!:)
    Keep in touch xoxo

  3. Thank you ~ Dziękuję :}} I also do not know that perfume so have to smell it somehow!
    Question: do I answer on my Blog or here and how long do I have time for it? Thx =)

    1. Oh, got it, I can link up my answers here! =)

    2. You can answer on your blog. There is no limit with the time, so... But hopefully you will do it soon :)

  4. Such a cute tag! I love tags by the way and this one was really funny. I also love you blog it is really cute xx

    1. It is a nice tag, you should definitely do it!!!
      Thank you very much lovely xx

  5. I love tags and this one is sooo cute! I love your blog by the way! xx

  6. totally agree with you on light summer makeup! I dont wear any either.

    1. I just wear makeup on special occasions :)


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