as long the previous post about Pisa was quick short with photos, this isn't. I think that Florence is the place, where I took most pictures. Stop, it was Venice. So Florence is the second.

So just my quick opinion on the city. Florence is beautiful, but it's just so crowdy. We didn't get to go to Uffizi, which is kind of Italian Louvre. But this year my dad booked the tickets online, so I'm so exicited to see all the painting!

Speak to you in two days,

Ponte Santa Trinita, place where every person wants a photo 

Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
The panorama of Florence, the most beautiful place in Florence 


  1. hi! my nickname is Żako.
    I love your blog / very interesting & super photos & SUPER YOU !!!
    Florence is a marvellous place to visit. I was once for a short while / unforgettable memories!
    re: Uffizi Gallery- did you manage also to see the famous paiting by Botticelli " Birth of Venus " painted in 1486 ?
    Looking forward to your impressions & wish you wonderful holidays in Italy.

    1. Thanks Żako! Florence is wonderful. Probably after seeing my photos, you can tell that I have some great memories too :)
      Yep, I did manage to see. The postcard is on its way :) Or maybe you already got it.

  2. Oh Florence was amazing. I loved Florence and the Duomo was just stunning. I loved just walking around that city.
    xx, Jodi

    1. Florence is in deed amazing! Me too xx


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