today I've got for you What's in my beach bag post. As I'm leaving on Friday, and I started packing today for my two week trip to Italy, I though it's a perfect time to write this post.
So without further ado here are my essentials for the time at the beach!

My beach bag is from Letter Bag, which is a  polish brand making eco friendly bag with whatever text you want! They ship worldwide!

1. TOWEL- It's something you cannot forget to take. Maybe you want to sit on it or just dry off.
But for me it nessesity, something I won't ever forget to take with me on either a beach or to the swimming pool.

2. SWIM SUIT- It's not something you have to take with you, because not everybody likes to swim or sunbathe. (if you were wondering, my swimsuit top is from H&M and bottom is from Tribord)

3. CHANGE OF CLOTHES - Sometimes if I sit a little bit longer on the beach, after a swim, I don't like to sit in wet swim suit. So I really like to have with me a change of clothes.

4. WATER and SNACKS - I like to have always a bottle of water with me to stay hydrated and some snacks, if I were hungry at the beach.

5. MAKE UP BAG - it's a waterproof bag, where I keep all my after swim essentials. And they are: perfume or mist, a hair brush, liquid concealer, deodorant, compact mirror, lip balms and (braces wearers will get me) a tooth brush and tooth paste.

6. SUN BLOCK - it's suuper important that you'll take a sun block with you on the beach. For me it's at least SPF 30, because I don't want to get sun burned and then hurt.

7. HAND SANITIZER and TISSUES - I like to have clean hands, so hand sanitizer is a must! And some tissues if you have maybe a running nose (doubt it, but still) or just something to clean.

8. HAT and SUNGLASSES - hat is from H&M, I really love it, but still haven't got the chance to wear it, so hopefully I will in Italy. And then of course sunglasses, which are a must, as they protect you're eyes from the sun!

9. BOOK - I take a book, but maybe you want to take a tablet or maybe even a laptop (though I wouldn't recommend that). Just take whatever you want to, that will make your time at the beach even more fun.

Ok, that's everything I take in my bag, whether it's a beach or a swimming pool. Hope you enjoyed!
In the comments tell me what are your essentials or maybe I forgot something!

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. The hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :} lovely! Bon voyage, szerokiej drogi
    and please show us Italy :-)

    1. THE HHHAAATT, I'm plan to wear it a lot on these holidays!

    2. Yay! I am leaving somewhere too and will take it too! Yayyy :}}

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  3. Very useful post :) Thanks for sharing! Your hat is lovely and do blog about your Italy trip soon :)
    Let me know if you would like to follow each other on GFC :)

    Geralyn | http://zhixingeralyn.blogspot.com

    1. Thank you so much! I;m going to upload many posts from my last years trip to Italy for sure!!

  4. I absolutely adore your tote bag!



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