so probably in most of the schools, the official school year has already started. My school year actually began yesterday. Or maybe today. It's difficult to decide, as in my country first day of school is rather an elegant day, where everybody wears a shirt and black bottoms. Generally fancy and classic.

So basically today was my first properly day of school, as I had a bag full of books and notebooks. Although my bag compering to last year is much lighter, because this year insted of 16 classes, I have 8. So to half of the classes like physics or chemistry I said goodbye for the rest of my life (probably).

Ok so back to the topic. Like you can see by the title of this post, I'm starting a Back to School series. If I'm honest, I don't really know how many posts there will be. Hopefully a lot, as I have a few ideas. Today I'll show you my outfit and makeup for this elegant first day of school, which is also really good for work and maybe university.

Let's go!


Ok, I started my make up off with a concealer by Miss Sporty to hide some blemishes and spots. I skipped foundation, as I feel that it's just to heavy on my skin. Then I used powder, which is made by Be Beauty,
 but I'm pretty sure it's a Polish brand. Next I applied eyeshadow all over my eye lid in a 
shade Mochaccino from a pallette by Lancome, which is a brown matte color.
Then added the Floralesque to my inner lid to brighten it up.
Next I used a mascara called Hypnose Precious Cells, also by Lancome. I ended the look with a Baby Lips balm by Maybelline (Peach Kiss), which in my opinion is amazing.

For the hair I just curled it. At least the bottom half, haha :)


As I said, this is kind of an elegant day, so I wore blue striped shirt by, then the black trousers from H&M. And for shoes I choose heels from Deichmann. 

For the accessorize, I have my watch from Parfois, which you actually don't see in this picture and my ear rings from H&M (they are a gold), which you can't see either. Sorry about that :) Oh, and the belt is also from H&M.

And that is it. That's my make up, hair and outfit that I wore to the first day of school. But I think it's also great for every day work, or more kind of elegant day during year.

Firstly I'm really sorry for all the faces I pulled in this post. Secondly I'm sorry for not professional photos of the outfit and makeup. Gotta work on it, haha :)

In the comments tell me, what would you wear to this kind of first day of school event?
And also was your first day of school?

See you soon with my new post from the Back to School series,
Mary x


  1. Cute outfit!! I really like this look! I'm also excited for your back to school series hehe
    I go back to school on thursday :( But I will try do some outfit posts and make up looks for school too!

    Serena xx

    1. Thank you soo much! Hopefully I manage with the back to school series and actual school!
      I can't wait for your posts too Serena :)

  2. hey there :) cool post !its pretty!

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  3. Super outfit. Warm greetings from Poland <3 I would be very pleased if you will become a unique follower of my blog!


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