Good afternoon readers,

so today probably you can tell by the title of this post and by the photo on the left, that I'll be doing a What's in my Bag- School Edition!!

Ok, so maybe first I'll tell where I have my bag from.
It's from New Look, but I'm sure it's not anymore in stores, as I bought it on sale for about 20$, which is not a lot for a big bag like this. I really love it and also those gold elements are gorgeous!

1) PENCIL CASE, in which I store all the pens, pencils. rubbers, rullers, highlighter and my calculator!
2) NOTEBOOKS, I like the ones that are basically just coloured, because I can draw whatever I want!
3) CALENDAR, which is the best way to stay organized.
4) You can stay under my UMBRELLA, its for those days, when it's raining all day!
5) HEADPHONES, it's for when I don't talk to anyone, when coming back from school. Sad story though!
6) SUNGLASSES, which recently came in so handy. When I'm going to the bus stop from school at 2 pm the sun is always shining so bright!
7) HAIRBANDS, everybody needs a few of those.
8) MAKE UP bag (all that I have in there is below)

What is in my make up bag?
My make up bag is from Ralph Lauren.
It's weird, because I have only one thing from make up in my ''make up'' bag, haha :)
But in this ''useful stuff'' bag I have: a small mirror, deodorant, small hair brush, Baby Lips lip balm, a travelling tooth brush, a tooth paste, a body mist and some glass wipes!

Hope you enjoyed this post. In the comments tell me what are your essentials in your school/work/university bag. I think I forgot about something, haha.

Speak to you soon,
Mary x