Hello everybody,

I'm extremly sorry for not uploading any post for couple of days, even though I wanted on Wednesday, I just wasn't in the mood. But here I am today ready to write some stuff on my awesome blog, haha :)

Today's topic is about school/work or general organization. Also this is the last post from the Back-to-School series this year.
But before I jump into the topic, I wanted to ask you for advice. I know that I'm not going to be able to upload a blog post every two days like I have during summer break. So I'm thinking of doing 2 posts a week, but I'm not sure on which days. I'm thinking Tuesday and Sathurday of course at 9 pm.
If you have any suggestions, then hit me in the comments below.

Anyway let's get started with the organization tips and stuff.

1) Buy yourself a CALENDAR!

I think that is the most important thing, if we talk about organization. I buy it each year, and I must say that it has saved me a lot of times. At first it was really hard for me to actually start writing everything in it, but now it's my second essential, after my phone.

 As we all know, now are the times of modern technology, so if you prefer to use a phone calendar, instead of the paper one, that is totally fine.

It's just the idea of writing down all important tests, or even something like 'don't forget about the smile'. For example I, after a really short time of getting used to using calendar, look into it everyday before going to sleep, to make sure that I haven't forgotten about anything.


I personally don't do it, because I usually never keep up with these things, but honestly I would like to sooo much.

It's great to have your day scheduled, because you have everything organized. But remember to not be like me and  lose it in like an hour after writing this schedule. And you have to admit, that is stupid!

Also it's not like you have to do everything, exactly how it is on that list. I mean you can change some hours, if you prefer. I think it's just for yourself, to see what you can actually do other than going to school :)

3) Don't Leave for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today

  1. This is super important. However again I'm extra lazy, and leave everything for the last minute, I always try to do every task as quick as I can. 
  2. It's a great advice, for example when you have some kind of long term essay to write. Don't leave it for the last minute, do it a week earlier. I gurantee it will help you so much. You won't have to worry that you won't write it on time.

4) Keep your handouts in the binder.

I sometimes get handout from my teachers. But the problem is, I always just throw it in my bag, and eventually lose them. Then I don't have it for my classes, and it ends badly. 

The best way to protect yourself from all the unnecessary problems with your teacher is to get a binder. It doesn't cost much and helps you sooo much. You don''t have to worry about losing your handouts. 

Also you can put there some essay that you wrote, so you get them to class without folded corners or just losing it.

5) Blackboard idea!

A few years ago, I got kinda bored of the back of my door. I had a blackboard paint, so I thought I'd use it. I painted the whole back of my bedroom door. You're probably thinking "why the back?'. Well, I go to sleep with my doors closed, so I see the back everyday. 

  1. I use this blackboard door to write some important tests, events or just things that I have to remember about. I think it's a great idea instead of the calendar! Plan everything and write it on your blackboard.
Instead of the whole blackboard thing, I would recommend to use corkboard and just pin everything to it.

Thank you so much for reading. Hopefully I gave you some ideas! 
In the comments tell me, what are your tips for organization.

Speak to you probably on Tuesday,
Mary x

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  1. Great advice!! I am never organized and feel this comes in great for general life too!! I recently bought a diary and find this great for taking notes down and when I used to attend school back in the day ;) we used to get diary's from the school to keep notes for homework and stuff xx | Giveaway

    1. That's a really good idea. Thanks for sharing Jenny :)


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