Good afternoon,

this weekend I was in (probably my favourite ever shop in the whole world) IKEA.
I think everybody knows, what IKEA is, but maybe there are some of you don't. So it's a shop with basically everything that you need for your home.

I'm not that often in there, which is kinda of sad. But if I come often, I would be a bankrupt.
Sorry, I'm just so obsessed with all the things that are in IKEA.

But surprisingly this time it was my biggest shopping in IKEA. I must say I bought just a few things. And I thought I would share them with you all.

So let's get started (also by the end of this blog post you will know that I'm obsessed with candles, just sayin :))

What did I buy?

- RANDIG candles

Recently IKEA has expanded their candle section, which I'm super excited about. They have a lot of new and really unique smells, and also super cheap.

These ones are called RANDIG come in 3 in the package. They smell like chocolate. And also it's a really nice autumnal colour!

Also to those candles I bought a black stand, to protect the surface from the wax.

- BRACKA candles

More candles! This time the ones that smell also amazing, but more carmely than chocolaty.

- RAJTAN jars 

Those are a little holders. And again I will use it as a candle holder or maybe jewellery.

- a box with compartments

It's really handy if you have a mess in your cupboard like I do. 

Also I bought this beautiful material, with different shapes on it.

 - KAJUTA lamp

It's a really nice orange lamp, which after you light it up, gives this amazing pattern.

Thanks so much for reading. Hope you enjoyed this little haul of what I bought in IKEA.
Tell me if you are as obsessed with IKEA and candles as I am.

Speak to you soon,


  1. I've bought those little jars (as well as tons of bigger ones) and have spices in them! They're so handy.

    Laura x

    1. Oh yes, i know that my mum owns the same jars and have some cooking stuff in them.

  2. I love the lamp in the last photo. Btw I really like your new header photo banner for your blog! :) x


    1. This lamp is amazing, haha :)
      Thanks so much Chantal!

  3. I'm so jealous of your lamp haha! I love ikea also!! I need to go soon!

    Serena xx

    1. Haha I love it too- the lamp and ikea x

  4. Czesc, the newest post's comments are gone, disabled.. just saying. Czesc!

    1. Omg thanks Monika. I don't know why it disabled, but it should be ok now. Thanks once more :) x

    2. Oooo, I thought maybe it had a purpose?! You're welcome :p x


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