Good afternoon everybody,

so today a quick and enjoyable blog post about music. Songs that I have been listening to for a past few weeks and probably not going to stop in a near future. So I think we can call this post Autumn Music.

1) Comeback - Ella Eyre

Recently Jessica from Perfect Fixations recommended listening to a song called Comeback by Ella Eyre. I did. Especially, because I have been a fan of Ella's music for a few months. And I must say amazing as always.

2) Liar Liar - Cris Cab

I know, I'm super late to the party. I don't really know how I started listening to it, but I did and now it's on repeat.

3) Higher - SBTRKT

I like this song soo much. It has a really good rhythm. But don't really know what genre it is. Rap? Haha, I don't know :)

4) Streets of Gold - MAX

A really talented youtuber Max Schneider has just released, I think his first proper EP. And I really like it, especially because he has an amazing voice. Also it's worth listening to Mug Shot.

5) Try - Colbie Caillat

Colbie's music always appealed to me. Besides that she has an amazing voice, she always sings about things that matter.

6) Afternoon Acoustics - Spotify

Okay, so that's kinda a weird one. This is not obviously a song, but a playlist on Spotify. It's full of acoustic songs, which I've been enjoying lately so much. I really like to listen to them especially in the afternoon (of course :))

And the songs from that playlist that I recommend are:
Rather Be by Jasmine Thompson
Billie Jean by The Civil Wars
Riptide by MisterWives
Crazy by Daniela Andrade
The One That Got Away by Katy Perry
Misery and She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5
Bubbly by Colbie Caillat
Bonfire Heart by James Blunt

Thank you so much for reading. Tell me in the comments what are autumn jams.

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. What an awesome playlist!! I think I might be addicted to a few of these songs now. I was also looking for the song mug shot by MAX for awhile now, ever since a heard it in movie trailer. Awesome post, as usual!

    1. Was it really in a movie trailer? Which one? Thank you soo much! x

  2. I'm Loving Ed Sheeran at the moment.
    I am a massive fan of music and I loved this post :D x


  3. Guess what Mary! I tagged you in another tag, ironic as that sounds. I know I just tagged you in another but I just love you and your blog to pieces that I wanted to see you do this tag too. All the info is in my post. Please don't hate me!!

    1. Thanks again Faith. You are the best!

  4. I adore Ed Sheeran, I see Fire is one of my favourite songs off his new album!
    I'm now following you with GFC and G+, hopefully you will follow me back!
    I am also hosting a give-away at the moment so please check it out :)

    Maya x | Vogue By Maya

    1. My favourite song is probably Runaway! x

  5. Ella Henderson and Ed Sheeran woo hoo are amazing! I love ariana grande's new album and ella henderson's, ed sheerans and jhene aiko's :)x

    1. Ed Sheeran is amazing!!! Although I'm not a big fan of Ariana Grande, I enjoyed listening to her new album :) x


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