Good afternoon,

Just a quick post about what I have been doing on Sunday.
On Sunday with my brother I have been to my first ever show by Cirque du Soleil called Kooza.
Hopefully not the last. The whole show was just amazing. Funny, entertaining and keeping in suspense. I was stoked by how all of the acrobatics, costumes, scenery and performers look so perfect.

If I had the chance to go again, I definitely would. You can check if it's not actually coming to your town by clicking here. I think that their going to UK at the beginning of the next year.

Thank you for reading,
Speak to you tomorrow with a new tag!
Mary x

P.S. Unfortunetly I don't have any photo of an actual show or their costumes, because it was forbidden to take photos. And I didn't want to be a rebel or something :P

So excited before the show.


  1. What great photos!! It looks like you had fun and I'm glad you did. It sounds like something that I would love. Really cute post!!

    1. I did! I loved it! I totally recomend it!!!! x

  2. It looks like it was amazing! Yeah they usually come to the UK, I know it's been in London a few times, at the Royal Albert Hall. It does look like a really cool show to go to. x

    1. It is amazing. Totally worth the money! x

  3. Yep it's coming to London in January - you can buy tickets here! x


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