Hello everybody,

I finally managed to right this post earlier than 11 at night. 
Today a tag called Closet Confidential. I was tagged byt the most gorgeous person Serena from Serenditsy. She is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger. I love reading her blog!

Prepare your eyes, as I don't wear much color, like you are egoing to see in a minute.
So starting of with:

1) What is the oldest item in your wardrobe?

It's this Spongebob tshirt, which I bought ages ago. I think it was about 3 years ago.

2) What is the newest thing?

I recently did a haul, and this coat was in it. So once again coat from New Look :)

3) What it the most expensive item?

It's this dress from River Island. I bought it for my prom in the secondary school.
It was definitely the most expensive I have bought.

4) What is the cheapest/most affordable item?

I bought this shirt on sale in Diverse. Really good quility, even though it was really cheap.

5) What is the biggest bargain in your closet?

When I saw those Pjs, I had to get them. Those are from some second-hand shop.

6) What was the biggest waste of money?

It's this dress from Pull&Bear. I haven't worn it even once, becuase it's too small. But I'm so sad, because it is really pretty.

Thanks for reading! Tell me what is your favourite item of clothing? Dresses, tshirts? My is definitely tshirts or in general tops.

There is actually going to be another post in 2 hours. So be ready for that, it's a quick review!

Mary x


  1. I love my Lacey floral kimono from next and I have a small addiction to LEGGINGS! haha x

    1. I also love my kimono, but I think I have from Tk Maxx. I don't really wear it that often, but it is so pretty!


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