Hello everybody,

so today something a bit different, because I haven't really done this for quite a while. Meaning tags.

I've been tagged quite a lot since I've last done a tag in the summer. A while, right? So I'm starting a tag week, which will consist only tags for 7 days. Also I think it's a great opportunity to recommend some blogs, which I love and people, who actually tagged me. 

I'm gonna start with a tag called Falling with.... Haha get it fall like autumn. But even though it has a word fall/autumn, it isn't necessarly a typical fall tag. 

I was tagged by the wonderful Faith from Just Faith. I really love her blog. 

1) If you could fall for one of your eyebrows, which would it be?
Wow, that's a really weird question. I have never really thought about it. But if I had to pick one, it would be the right one.

2) If a celebrity could fall for you, who would you want it to be?
Similar to Faith's answer, it's Dylan O'Brien. I loved his role in the Maze Runner.

3) If you could fall and land anywhere on earth, where would it be?

4) If you could fall into a jukebox and have to listen to 1 song on repeat for the rest of your life what would it be?
Haha the answer to this question is so strange, but I have to say I Want It All from High School Musical. Not that I love this song right now, but I know every word and it always make me dance :)

5) If you could fall into any movie, what one would it be?
I wanted to write Alien, but to be honest it would be too scary. I'll probably have to say any superhero movie!

6) If you could fall back in time, where would you go?
Actually not far from now, I would say 20- 30 years from now. It was amazing. People didn't spend all their days on the internet, but for example outside.

7) If you could fall and hit your head loosing one memory, what memory would you like to loose?
I don't really have any memory that I would like to lose. I don't know maybe that time when I broke a mirror or glass table. Maybe that :)

8) If you could fall into any season and stay there all year round, what would it be?
Summer. As long as I love winter, sometimes it's just to cold.

9) If you were to fall into trouble, what would it be for?
Having a big party. The first thing that came into my head.

10) If you were to fall into a million pounds/dollars/whatever currency and could only spend it in one store, what would it be?
IKEA, no second thoughts. One of my favourite shops, but if I had 1 million dollars, I would go craaaazy in there.

Today I want to tag:
Thank you all for reading. Hope you enjoy!

Speak to you tomorrow with a new tag,
Mary x


  1. Thanks for tagging! Do we just have to answer those questions? x

  2. Yo! I've tagged you fo TMI tag. You're welcome ;)

  3. Yaaaa!! I'm so happy you did it! I love your answers. I am also with you on going crazy at Ikea, that store is incredible. Loving all the tags your doing.

    1. Thanks Faith! I love yours too!!! I'm crazy in IKEA, haha :)


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