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after my Closet Confidential Tag, comes the Tangle Teezer review. I think it's like the first proper beauty related review. So I am really excited!

I wanted to do this review, because I actually got my Tangle Teezer yesterday in the mail (bought with my own money of course, well it was my parent's money, just a little disclamer here :)).

At first I wasn't too sure if to buy it or nah. But my friend has also recently bought one, and she really recommended it, so I thought I would try it out.

I found it somewhere on the internet, where it was twice cheaper, than on their original site.
The brush detangles your hair instantly and does it really gently. Detangles even the biggest tangles ever, haha :)
It says on the package, that the brush works wonders on the wet hair. And it really does. I always had problem, when I wanted to brush my wet hair. Now I don't. Thanks to Tangle Teezer! It sounds like a advertisment, hahahaa :)
The only thing that bothers me, is that after brushing through, it leaves like a greasy feel on my hair, I don't know if it's just my hair.
I really recommend Tangle Teezer. It works really good, even does a little massage to your skin head, which is really nice.

Thank you for reading. Tell me what are your opinions on Tangle Teezer, if you use one.

Speak to you tomorrow,
Mary x


  1. i love the tangle teezer! my hair gets so knotted really easily, and this brush has helped it a lot. it is kind of annoying though as the bristles on mine became quite weak/broken, so i had to repurchase after about 6 months. i love it so much though that i had to buy it!

    Elena | A Style Shake

    1. It is really good. I don't really feel when it brushes my hair, but always leaves my hair with no tangles.


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