Hello everybody,
yesterday I did a gift guide on Crazy in Beauty, so why not do this also here?

Let's start, because there are plenty of christmas present ideas.


Ok, so starting off with books. For me books are the best presents, you can ever receive or give.
Unlike with music, you cannot mess up buying books. My recommendations for book presents are:

Jamie's Comfort Food by Jamie Oliver (for cooking book fans)
Up by David Nicholls (if someone has read or watched 'One Day', he or she will love this one as well)
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn (I'm reading this book at the moment. It's veery good! Very mysterious to be honest)
Let It Snow by Various Authors (if the person, who you're buying the book for, loves John Green, than there's his story in this book)


With this section you have to be careful. Everybody has different types they like. I would suggest buying complications, which contain many different genres of music.
Really good ideas for a music present is:

The XFactor Songbook (on this one, you'll find mainly pop music, but there are 60 tracks. That's a lot)
BBC Radio 1's Live Lounge 2014 (that's a perfect present for people, who love acoustics. 39 tracks on this one)
Christmas by Micheal Buble (my favourite album for Christmas time)
NOW That's What I Call A Party (though I picked this one to show you, there are quite a lot more of those complications)


There are quite a lot of game lovers out there. So if you have someone, who is that person, the game I would recommend to buy are:

Grand Theft Auto V (I know that game is like 1 year old, but it's just an amazing gift, Perfect for everybody- except kids)
FIFA 15 (a good game for all the football players)
The Lego Movie (who doesn't like good lego?)
Little Big Planet 3 (perfect gift for everyone, the before games 1 and 2 were amazing, so I assume the 3 is too)
F1 2014 (and the last game, suitable for the riders and F1 fans)


In this category I only have two recommendation. Again I think in this case, the best idea is to buy either a complication or a few seasons of a tv show.

Sherlock Holmes Complete TV Series (almost everybody love Sherlock Holmes right, you can't go wrong with that)
X-Men and The Wolveine Adamantium Collection (I'm a huge fan of superhero movies, so if I got that, I would be over the moon. It contains 6 movies, which is a lot)


Peers Hardy Desktop Air Hockey  (when I saw this, I wanted to ask for it myself. I love air hockey, but don't get to play it everyday on my desk. I think that present is suitable for literaly everybody, with no exception)
4D New York Cityscape Time Puzzle ( I personaly have those, I got them under a Christmas tree last year, they are amazing. Not only they show you the history of this city, they look very pretty on the shelf. Also besides New York, they have Chicago, Sydney, Hong Kong, London, Rome, Dubai, Paris, USA, Toronto, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Tokyo, Saint Petersburg, Berlin, Osaka and even Game of Thrones world)

Here you go. Those were all my recommedations for you, gift buyers. Hope I gave some inspiration!!!
Speak to you tomorrow on Crazy in Beauty,
Mary x

What is your ideal present for Christmas?