Good evening,

so today I was supposed to do a Christmas Gift Guide, but unfortunetly I had to make a massive (and important presentation). So I thought of a thing that I can quickly right. My recommendation for the first Christmas movie.

A movie that had its premiere in 2008. It stars one of my favourite actress Resse Witherspoon (I don't really know why I like her acting, but oh well) and Vince Vaughn (not a fan of this guy).

The movie tells a story of  Brad and Kate, who have been together for a while. On Christmas morning, they were supposed to go to Fiji. They told their divorced (on both sides) parents , they would do charity work. Unfortunetly their flight got cancelled and now they have to go to four christmas parties.

This movie is a very good movie, when you want a comedy, as well as a quite nice christmas movie. To be honest this movie is not that good, Love Actually is far better. It's quite chill, kind of mood, movie. Funny and perfect for a weekend night.

In fact I'm going to watch it this Sathurday. Can't wait!
Tell me if you have seen this movie and what you think about it.
Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. I love that movie! Perfect for the long days when I'm on winter holidays. x

    Sara Wallflower

    1. I'm not surprised. It is quite good! x


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