Hello everybody,

finally the day has come!!! It's November 24th, which means only one thing. It's a month till CHRISTMAS.

I remember saying last year to my friend after christmas break 'Haha, look it's 360 days before Christamas'. And now it's only 30 days. Craaazy!

As you probably see, I'm super excited for Christmas. I love Christmas and I love blogging, so I thought what better way to join two together than blogmas.
I know that blogmas is usually 24 days, but I'm feeling adventurous. In fact I have a looot of ideas.

But you're probably wondering, why is there A little present in the title of this blogpost.
Well, my dear readers I have started a brand new blog called Crazy in Beauty. Yes, it is going to be all about fashion, beauty from my perpective. Basically I'm quite new to makeup, but it's going pretty good and I want to share my journey. So if you want to see my new beauty-related blog click the photo on the sidebar.

Back to the blogmas. I'm going to post a blogpost everyday, once here on Crazy in Life, and the next day on Crazy in Beauty. So every two days on each blog. I'm (going to say it once more) suuuuper excited for both: my new blog and blogmas. Generally Christmas!!!

I'm going to leave you with very christmasy photos from weheartit.com. And I'm going to speak to you all tomorrow here on Crazy in Life.

Mary x

In the comments tell me, what is the thing you're the most excited for during this month before Christmas, and also if you are planning on reading my new blog.


  1. I'm looking foreward to our Christmas shopping! :)

  2. I cant wait!!! This is such a good idea! I cant wait to see all your posts!! And I love these pictures. They are really getting me in the Christmas mood! Really cute post Mary!!

    1. Thanks Faith. Love you girl! You always motivate me to do more! Happy that you liked it!


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