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so I have uploaded a new blogpost over on Crazy in Beauty, so go and check it out!
Meanwhile I'm going to show you what I got in IKEA, because oh boy I got a lot.

So you all probably know, that I'm a HUGE fan of Ikea. If I had a chance, I would go there everyday, even for just lunch or something to eat. I went there today with my lovely mother for some shopping, because last time I didn't buy a lot and also christmas time is coming, so why not buy some more candles. I bought some candles and I bought a lot more, so let's get started with another IKEA haul!

First I got this christmasy looking candle. It looks like a this typical christmas sweater. It doesn't have any scent, which I'm a little sad about.

I was in a big need for this kind of garland. I feel like it will be perfect for my small christmas tree in my room.

A red-star stand for a candle, that is a superb idea. Also this gold candle holder, was something I couldn't leav behind.

Those are my favourite candles ever. I run out about 2 weeks ago, so bought two to never run out ever again.

I'm rather not a great wrapper of presents. But I hope this will help me, get my presents to look a little bit more festive.

A big cosy blanket is a must. It was a sale on this, so I had to pick it up.

Not very christmasy thing again, but again it was on sale, so I thought it's going to be perfect for spring times.

Some frames.

A white pillow case.

I actually had one of these last year. I'm saying one of these mainly because the one I bought last year, I use as a candle holder, and the one I bought this year, I use as a glass :)

That is everything I got. That is a lot, believe me. I wanted to buy a carpet, but my mum said no. It seems I'm going to have to live without it.

Ok, in the comments tell me, if you go to IKEA a lot?

Speak to you tomorrow, with a Christmas TAG. Now you can check out my very first tag on Crazy in Beauty,
Mary x


  1. Great post! :)

  2. The candle holders are so gorgeous! Everything you got was so lovely and festive :)

    1. The star one is particularly very nice. Thanks Julie! x


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