Hello everybody,

you're all probably thinking, what is she doing? It's not the end of the month. You're right it's about a week before the end of November, but because of things that are happening from November 24th, I wanted to post a Instagram Journal earlier.
Also this means that at the end of December, there are going to be lots more photos to look at :)

Let's get started:

(from left to right)

1) You've already seen this photo by now. Halloween times! Sadly no wiskers :(
2) Quality time with my grandma. Looking at some of my old photos.
3) A walk in the park. What a lovely autumn!
4) My mum bought my first mason jar. Sooo happy!
5) Uu selfie. Quite cold to be fair.
6) I haven't seen my best friend for a while.
7) My favourite candle fromo IKEA is running low. Gotta go and buy some more.
8) Making a presentation with my school friends. Had the best time ever!
9) And here we meet. 
10) Watching Gotham, one of my favourite shows at the moment.
11) How can I not be excited for Christmas, when there's that?
12) Lovely, mysterious sunset.
13) This cat is such a cutie. Literally the most beautiful cat I have ever seen.
14) Cups from the meeting with Kate. Amazing ones.
15) Getting cosy in my... flower blanket. Not this season Mary.
16) Organizing (dang it the surprise, forgot about this photo) BLOGMAS!!!
17) Having a little party by myself! Justin Timberlake knows how to start a party.
18) My mum is the best buyer in the world. How does she even found this Cocoa box?
19) All red. Red lipstick and red sweatshirt.
20) I love leaves, but this looks amazing as well.
21) Still having autumn/ halloween decorations. I need to change it.
22) Starry Eyed Palette by Barry M has finally arrived.
23) Secret box with all my christmas decorations. I'm not going to be  
available for quite a while now. Sorry :)

That is it. My instagram photos from October 31st to November 22nd. Still participating in the #100happydays. Currently on day 67 or something like that.

Stay tuned, because on Monday (24/11) something super exciting will happen.

Speak to you soon, (probably tomorrow)
Mary x


  1. Those images do tell your life lens, it is a wonderful reflection

    new post on my blog

  2. Such lovely picture!!! I need to start using Instagram again. But I don't take good photos lol. So maybe not. Love this though!!

    1. You have to start using instagram again. But firstly tell me the username!


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