Hello everybody,
So christmas time means christmas nails. I'm not very good at those artsy nails, like with some reindeers. I simply can't do that. Still I wanted something more than just red nails.

I don't remember, where or when I found this idea, but it's one gold-glitter nail, and others black. It looks just fabulous. I don't know why, because I have never been a glitter fan, but I do like it.

Also it's really hard to find a good glitter nail polish. Trust me. There are all kinds of glitter nail polishes, but no true gold. Finally I found one today from Revlon in the shade Gold Goddess.

Seriously it's like a goddess. I 'paired' it with a black nail polish from Eveline Cosmetics. But then I thought, it can work with any colour. So as it is festive, I also painted four nails with a darker red by BeBeauty (I think it's just a polish brand).

Take a look below!

Thank you so much for reading. In the comments, tell me what is your favourite nail polish for Christmas time?
Speak to you tomorrow,
Mary x


  1. Very pretty! I had this pink glitter nail polish once that looked really cool, but I also like to wear red nail polish around Christmas time. :) x

    1. Thank you so much! The glitter instantly made those nails festive!


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