Good evening,
today it's time for some Christmas jumpers. It's something I never really had before, until this year when I bought one in F&F. I chose 5, which are my favourites.

Image 1 of ASOS Christmas Jumper With Reindeer Face And Pom Pom
1) ASOS Christmas Jumper WIth Reindeer Face and Pom Pom
Price: 35 £
Such a cute jumper. Green is not my colour for sure, but this drew my attention immediately.
Not the most cheepest one, but worth the price.

Team Rudolph Sweat

2) Team Rudolph Sweat
Price: 32 £
It's not that christmassy, but this caption... Really feeling Team Rudolph. Also you don't have to be afraid that you'll look like a weirdo in 
this one.

3) Stone Tis The Season Christmas Jumper
Price: 14,99 £
Another subtle caption, but I love it. I immediately thought of Christmas spirit, when I saw this jumper. Also not very expensive.

4) Jacquard-knit Jumper
Price: 24,99 £
Ok, now we're talking. Proper christmas jumper. The ones I show you before, were kind of subtle, not show that you are in this Christmas spirit.
This one is beautiful. It has those Scandinavian patterns and I love it.

5) Christmas Fairisle Sweater
Price: 40 £
This is full on Christmas on a jumper. Super christmassy. The most expensive out of all five above. But girl, that is something every Christmas lover needs. It really shows, you're a BIG fan of Christmas. BUT it's not too crazy. When I was christmas jumper shopping, I saw some singing ones. So this one is not that amazing :)
To be honest, this jumper is really pretty! Now I want one!

Now I want to buy more of these jumpers. I only have one (which is shown below) from F&F, really nice, subtle, nothing too crazy. Although I want this singing one ;)

Tell me in the comments, if you have a christmas jumper.
Speak to you tomorrow,
Mary x


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