today I'm going to do a review of my favourite Christmas album!

Every year the album I reach for the most during Christmas time is Christmas by Micheal Buble. 
It has selection of all the amazing Christmas songs, of course sung by amazing Micheal Buble. 
His voice is just perfect! 

There are 15 songs on the normal version, and 20 on the deluxe special. One that really stands out for me is Cold December Night. If I'm correct, then it's the song he wrote on his own. It's not a cover or anything. I really like this song! Besides Cold December Night, my favourite is Christmas (Baby Please Come Home).

If you're looking for either christmas present or in general good christmas album, then I would recommend it in 100%. Good voice of Michael Buble and great, classic christmas songs make this album A-MAZING!

Speak to you tomorrow.
Mary x


  1. I have always loved Michael Buble and his songs. I have only heard the one holiday song from him and that was with Idina Menzel for "Baby It's Gold Outside," and I love it!! And I love the music video even more. Awesome little post!!

    1. Micheal Buble killed it with this Christmas album! Thank Faith! Xx

  2. I love this album so so much! I play it every Christmas and it always gets me in the mood! :D

    Abby // x

    1. It always gets me into that Christmas spirit! Xx

  3. I heard these songs so many times at work =)

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Check the link for more info:

    1. They are the best! Thank you :) XX


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