today is the day, when I show you my Christmas playlist on Spotify.

I properly started listening to christmas music on December 1st. For me there is no favourite song, they're all beautiful and unique. I kind of like to mix all the tracks. Some of them are more of pop versions, but you can find some original versions on my playlist.

Ok, if I had to choose my favourite. There would be at least 5.
1) Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by N Sync
2) Fa la la by Justin Bieber
3) I'll be Home by Megan Trainor
4) Cold December Night by Micheal Buble (of course)
5) Christmas Lights by Coldplay.

I just realized that all of my favourites are rather the newer songs. But I love the original Chris Rea song Let it Snow. A-MAZING! Deck The Hall by Nat King Cole. Another great song.
For me those original tracks are just classics.

Below you can take a look at the whole Christmas playlist on Spotify. I highly recommend checking it out!

In the comments tell me what is YOUR favourite christmas song!

Speak to you tomorrow for another blogmas blogpost!
Mary x