Hello everyone,
I finally got a new computer. So I can normally blog without asking my brother to use his computer.
I think that today, it's only apropriate to do another Currently List, festive edition.
And to be honest I have many favourites this month!

1. watching: AHS, American Horror Story. My favourite TV show this month and also probably my favourite ever. The thing that I love about this show is that each season, there is a different story. SO it's impossible to get bored. Also even though it is a horror typed show, it's not that scary. Definitely recommend it, maybe not to everybody, as it is quite sexual, but to most of you out there.

2. reading: Finally the Christmas break, allows me to read more, so I have started the Let it Snow: Three Holiday Romances. I read the first story, which in my opinion is very nice. 

3. listening: Surprisingly not Christmas songs. I don't know, I'm not feeling like it. I've been obsessed with Tinashe album. Also new album by Olly Murs is quite good.

4. eating: unfortunetly I have a new brace on my pallete and lower teeth, so it's harder to eat, but I've been eating a lot of yogurts. I love apricot flavored onces!

5. drinking: Hot cocoa once again.

6. enjoying: obviously the fact that it's Christmas break! I don't have to worry about school in the next 2,5 weeks. Oh yaay!

7. wanting: Christmas day already. Can't wait to give and get presents.

8. wearing: coat, boots and... umbrella. It started to rain a few days ago, it stops, but eghm where is snow? Sad, because there won't probably be any on Christmas day.

That was my currently list, december edition. The next one will be... wait NEXT YEAR?! Wow that's quick. Can you believe it's only 11 days until 2015? I can't :)

Speak to you tomorrow,
Mary x