Hello everybody,
I know I have done a blog post about perfume lately, but I have an amazing brand to recommend today!
It's called Shay & Blue. Before I hop in on the recommendation, a little background.

Meet the creatures at Shay & Blue.
Dom De Vetta, founder. Julie Massé, perfumer.
Professionals with flair and passion. Dom, a veteran of quality fragrance, ex Senior Vice President of Chanel and former Global General Manager of Jo Malone London. Julie, new-generation perfumer of the moment.
Together, a talent for creating beautiful things. For bringing a touch of opulence, elegance and whimsy to the world.
A vision to create perfumes that are deliciously decadent, daringly different.

Dom is a veteran of quality fragrance, spending most of his twenty-year career in the world of perfume. He is a former Senior Vice President at Chanel, and was the Global General Manager of Jo Malone London. Dom named the Company after his grandmother, Grace Shay, and his favorite color… Blue. Julie, the new-generation perfumer of Shay and Blue, is a perfumer with flair,talent and personal warmth.She studied under Master Perfumers Christine Nagel and Pierre Bourdon.Shay and Blue uses the finest perfume ingredients, grown in Grasse, France. Hand harvested,hand weighed and hand distilled to create precious fragrance oils of richness and depth.The fragrances are mixed in generous Eau De Parfum concentrations, macerated for over three months for richness and depth and then patiently filled into smoky blue glass.

All fragrances are nestled in tissue paper inside an elegant, chic gift box with lid in my favorite shade of blue and stripe bowed ribbon.
= Winner Of BEST NEW FRAGRANCE HOUSE 2014 The Beauty Shortlist =
Shay&Blue will now be sold exclusively in the U.S. at Indigo Perfumery, Cleveland's premier niche perfume boutique. The link is below!


Indigo Perfumery is Cleveland, Ohio's premier destination for exclusive niche, artisan and natural fragrance, home fragrance and beauty with carefully curated collections of fine fragrance from all over the world. Its open gallery-like setting is a perfect place for scent events hosted by owner Ann Onusko.

Shay&Blue have some amazing scents. I didn't have an opportunity to try them out yet. But looking at the bottles : Salt Caramel, Sicilian Limes, Amber Rose, how can somebody not like those scents? Although I'm very curious how the Almond Cucumber smells.

The packaging is beautiful. Of course blue cover and black box. With a bow, it is perfect for a Christmas present.

So if you don't have an idea for a present, then go ahead to the site or to check out the smells that they offer.

I know that sometimes soon I'm going to buy a perfume from Shay&Blue, probably Amber Rose, or perhaps a candle, which they also do offer.

Thank you so much for reading.
Speak to you tomorrow,
Mary x

Disclaimer: PR.  My opinions, as always, are honest.