I know that new year has begun, but on my blog today, we're going to take a look at all the instagram photos from December.

But not only from December, also about 7 photos are from November. So get excited!

From left to right:

24) A school project about Europe. Very interesting!
25) Omg eating magic stars for the first time!
26) Doesn't it look lovely? Very artsy
27) Still working on that school project. Making presentation. Hard working.
28) CREME BRULEE, nothing more to say.
29) My favourite outfit. PJs and christmas jumper.
30) Reading... what was it? Ahh Gone Girl by Gilian Flynn.

1) Of course Hello December from wehearit
2) A lot of nice sunsets happened in December.
3) My favourite Christmas song - Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by N Sync
4) Another sunset, prettier!
5) Wearing my christmas jumper to school for the first time.
6) Writing a post for Crazy in Beauty.
7) My Christmas tree, the little one, is up.
8) Burning Yankee Candle- Merry Marshmallow
9) One more sunset.
10) School Christmas tree. Where are baubles, lights, anything?
11) Such pretty christmas lights. Star shaped.
12) Ate first macaroon ever. Pretty good, not saying no.
13) I caught my dog sleeping and then she woke up. Cutie!
14) Some more Christmas decor, but this time in a shopping mall.
15) This time not a sunset, but a sun rise. As beautiful.
16) Another cutie sleeping. This time my kitty cat.
17) Packing the first Christmas present of 2014.
18) Couldn't get enough of this little Christmas tree.
19) Christmas dinner in McDonalds. I wouldn't say it was healthy.
20) Omg I made LP Brookies, the best cookies ever.
21) Home made pizza with my bestie Kate.
22) Actually with my bestie, watching Elf, but unfortunetly I fell asleep. You too Kate?
23) My actual big Christmas tree.
24) Christmas Eve.
25) Playing GTA, can't get enough of the sunsets. Even in games.
28) Christmas fest at Kate's. Very yummy (and healthy) salad.
29) Again, a present from Kate. A hot chocolate kit, thanks!
30) Writing a post for Crazy in Beauty, but this time it was a New Years Eve makeup look.

A lot happened this two months.
Thank you so much for reading and commenting those blogmas posts. I haven't got a time to thank you for that. Also thank you generally for everything in 2014. I hope that 2015 will be even better.

To add to instagram, I ended the #100happydays on December 24th, which I'm very happy about, haha, what a joke. I didn't give up, posted those 100 photos, sometimes was a struggle, as I didn't really have anything to upload. But I'm very happy of what I did.

Ok, that's everything for today,
speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. Magic Stars are the best thing about life, literally.
    Molly | Molly Louise Blogs

  2. Great Job Mary!! You did a fabulous job with the #100hapydays. You could never tell that you sometimes had nothing to upload. I love so many of these pictures. What a great post!!

    1. Ohh, thanks! It was sometimes tough with #100happydays, but I did it!


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