Today I went for a little shopping. I didn't expect to buy that much, but oh well. I mainly bought things, I wanted to have for a long time. And because they were on sale, I though why not? I won't find those items cheeper.

So what I bought is a leather jacket (which is not real leather), jeans jacket, jeans (very nice, acid washed), skater skirt and a white tshirt. I'm very happy with all of those clothing! Oh and I forgot to tell you, that all those things are from New Look.


PETITE PALE BLUE ACID WASH SKINNY JEANS- they're not on sale on the internet shop, sorry

BLACK SKATER MINI SKIRT- I have this one in navy blue, but again it's not on sale 

CHCK B/OUT TEE-unavailable

Thanks for reading. In the comments tell me, if you have been shopping lately. Now it's the best time to go shopping, as for example in Poland, pretty much every shop has a sale. I highly recommend!

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. You bought some great pieces. I love New Look, it's my favourite shop ever! I actually went there today and bought a new pair of black ankle boots. :) x

  2. Omg I am in love with the Biker Jacket. But I also love the skater skirt. You got such lovely pieces!!

    1. Thanks hun! Finally have all the things I wanted :)


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