It's time for another The Best of 2014. Today it's MUSIC!

Since I loved so many songs, I wouldn't be able to tell you all of them. So instead I decided to mix things up, and tell you all my favourite albums from 2014. Those onces, which I have been listening to most of times and still am not bored of them.

1) X by Chris Brown
I don't know why, but every time I start to write Christmas, instead of Chris Brown. Cool story, I know. Anyway if you ever listen to this album, I'm sure you'll know it's from Chris Brown. The vibe is typical for him. Really upbeat, dancy kind of music, but also some more slower. Perfect Chris Brown, as always.

  • Don't Think They Know
  • Lost In Ya Love
  • Drunk Texting
  • X
  • Loyal
 2) (again) X by Ed Sheeran
I have never been the biggest fan of Ed Sheeran, but let me just tell you, when I heard this album, I was overwhelmed. Of course by how good it is.
The previous album +, was for me more of a sad kind of album, but this one is just.. A-MAZING.
In fact Ed Sheeran will be in Poland in a month or so, but I was too slow with buying tickets, so I'm a little bit sad, because I always hear how good Ed Sheeran is live.

  • Nina
  • Don't
  • Afire Love

3) In Technicolor by Jesse McCartney
After listening to this album, I kind of started having this crush on Jessie McCartney. In Technicolor was the album of my holidays. When I went to Italy, it was on repeat.
I can't wait till  (maybe) the next album.

  • All About Us
  • Punch Drunk Recreation
  • Young Love
  • Back Together
 4) V by Maroon 5 
I think I mentioned this album in one of the Currently List. Great rhythm. But to be honest, it sounds pretty much, like all of the Maroon 5 albums. But I still like it very much. Also I'm never getting over Adam Levine's voice.

  • Feelings
  • It Was Always You

5) In The Lonely Hour by Sam Smith
Very much liked, though I don't know every song. I have to admit Sam Smith's voice is as much adictive as Adam Levine's. Maybe even more... I like this album, because firstly most of the songs are very upbeat, so the thing I like the most about music. And secondly amazing voice of Sam Smith. Worth listening.

  • Money On My Mind
  • Stay With Me
  • Like I Can

That's it folks. My 5 favourite albums of 2015. Nooo, 2014, sorry :). Maybe you have some album you want to recommend. Tell me in the comments below.

Speak to you soon with my favourite books of 2014,
Mary x


  1. This was a cool post, you picked some great artists. :) x

  2. You have great taste in music! I've been listening to Sam Smith a lot lately.


  3. I love 'x', such easy listening. Afire Love is my favourite too.

    Heather x

  4. You have a great taste in music. I really loved Ed Sheeran's album. He is such a talented artist, and now we know that he is also good at dancing too lol. But some of these songs I never heard of so I am going to defiantly check them out. I'm sure they are awesome. Really great post Mary!!


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