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The last installment of The Best of 2014 series. It's time for my personal favourite part: TV SHOWS.

You all know how I love Tv Shows. I adore finding new shows and watching episodes one by one.
So here I'm very happy ti share with you my top tv shows discoveries in 2014.

1) How I Met Your Mother
A great comedy show. I love that it's 20 minutes long, because I couldn't stop watching it. Literally!
Very funny, a great entertainment, maybe not for a family, but definitely for a group of friends. I especially loved a character of Barney, he usually made me laugh the most. I'm sad it ended though.

 2) Arrow
At the beginning I didn't like this show, but after recommendation from a friend, I decided to start watching it again. And it is so good. I don't why I didn't like it at first. If you like superheroes from DC universe, such as Superman or Batman, you have to watch it. Especially that the Arrow is very handsome!

3) Gotham
This show had its premiere this year, so it's a brand new one. Another DC universe related TV shows. It's seriously so good, I can't even. Very good, a little bit mysterious. I watch it with my brother and we cannot wait for another episode. Also I love seeing the origins of some of the characters from DC in this show such as Batman, Catwoman.

4) American Horror Story
I'm very behind that show. I mean I'm keeping up all the episodes, I'm just so late to the party. Everyone has been saying this Tv shows is great, but the word Horror in the tittle kind of pushed me away. It is from that horror genre, but it's so intriguing, you don't even see the scariness of that show.
Definitely worth a watch, but not for kids, for sure not for kids. In my opinion the best seasons are: 1st and 2nd.

5) The Leftovers
I seriously can't believe I forgot about this one. It is such a mystery for me. The whole show. The plot is so mixed up, that I love it. It sounds a bit weird, but I don't really know why I love it so much. I can't wait for a second season, because honestly 10 episodes wasn't enough.

Thank you so much for reading, not only The Best of 2014: TV Shows, but the whole series. Thanks for your lovely comments!

I will speak to you soon,
Mary x

P.S. If you have a good TV show to recommend, then go ahead and right it in the comments!


  1. i'm obsessed with arrow such a good program! id recommend white collar is on netflix such a good program!


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