If you are going away in the next few months (possibly for a winter break) skiing, then I advice you to keep reading. Today I'm going to share with you my winter break essentials.

So if I'm going away, I want to have some staples things with me, that I know I'll use (or eat :)).
If I don't have them, I feel (didn't want to say that) naked kind of haha.

I find it so useful, especially during skiing. It keeps me warm all the time! I love the GAP ones, but we all know, you can find almost the same ones in pretty much every store. If you're going somewhere in the more colder places for winter break, then I advice you to invest in a hoodie.

We have the top of the body covered by a hoodie, but what about our feet? Oh, yes you guessed it (or just read haha), warm socks. They come in handy all the time, if you want to keep your feet warm in your ski boots, or just after skiing.

I'm not the biggest fan of tea, I mean I drink it, but not that often But when you're in a cold place, it's even better than socks and a hoodie. Also it doesn't have to be a tea, coffee or hot chocolate can make you warm too.

It can be an apple, chocolate, whatever you prefer. If you're hungry on a ski slope, you just open your backpack and there you have it.

As I was talking about a snack or a thermos, we need to have something to put those things in. So I would suggest a backpack (in the future blogpost, I will tell you all the things, I have in my skiing backpack). It's easy to throw on your back, and doesn't disturb you, when you're skiing.

In most cases, when you're going skiing, it's opposite to what you've been expecting. It's sunny, and not snowing. It's like that every year in Italy. So I think that sunglasses will protect your eyes. And if you don't need them, it won't be a problem to leave them at home/ the hotel.

And the most important thing to take with you on any trip. Your camera. it isn't important, what quality, a big or a small camera, you take. You want to capture every second of your trip, with photos, videos. After comeing back from your winter break, you will have an amazing memories to look at.

I hope you enjoy those blog posts every day. Every day, because on Crazy in Beauty I also post every two days. Anyway thank you all for reading.

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. You look like your ready for some skiing lol. I don't know why but when I saw this post it reminded me of Black Ice lol. Thanks to you, I am now in love with the book. I finished it in like 4 hours land nonstop too. Really cute post!!


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