It's almost end of another week, which means another Weekly Roundup!

WATCHED again many TV shows. Not much has changed, but I've been really into The Flash. Besides loving superheros, and every TV show and movie connected to them, the main character, who plays Flash- Grant Gustin- is my ultimate crush. I just can't even think about how handsome he is haha :)

I ended READING The Fiery Heart by Richelle Mead, which is probably my favourite book out of Bloodlines series. I can't wait to read the next part, which unfortunetly is coming out in October in Poland. That's a long time. But the ending was quite surprsing and I can't wait to read the next part.

LISTENED to Chris Brown, pretty much whole week. Not even joking. I'm in love with his latest album called X. And seems like I can't get over it. Loving the songs Fine China, Add Me In and Don't Be Gone Too Long.

ATE my mum's strawberry jam. I never really liked it, but this month oooohh my god, it just compeled me into eating it. That's one good vampire (anyone who watches The Vampire Diaries will know what I mean).

I'm LOOKING FORWARD definitely not next week. Like I have a lot of test this week and the week after that. A nightmare. I hate those situations, when I don't have any test for a week and then for another two weeks, every day, a test.


This week a selfie. I know this sounds weird, but I've been liking myself more without glasses lately and decided to take a selfie. And here's a result.

WHAT ARE YOUR PLANS FOR VALENTINE'S DAY? Tell me in the comments below!

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. Your mother's jam looks delicious! And you look great without glasses! x

    Sara Wallflower

    1. It looks and tastes amazing! Thank you!

  2. I think I need to start listening to Chris Browns new album. Every song you have every suggested, I liked, so I need to give it a try. I wish my mom would make jam, I want jam too!! lol. But you look really nice both without and with glasses. I still really like the valentines day makeup look, it looks great on you. Really cute post!!

    1. Chris Brown is a very good singer, trust me! O thanks, I'm used to wearing glasses, but I'm trying to wear them less!


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