It's time for another Instagram Journal!

I'm extremly sorry for my absence. I kind of had a break after my winter break, which I know sounds ridiculous. I was a little ill, and felt tired after sking for almost 2 weeks from 8am to 4pm (believe me it's tiring, but very enjoyable).

So already by the title, the thumbnail, you know that today, I'm going to share with you all the photos that I uploaded on my Instagram in January.
Also for those of you who don't know what my profile is called on instagram, it's crazyinlife_!

Let's get to the photos!

From left to right: (the numbers are the days)
1) A post New Years Eve firework photo
2) A big sales, come with big shopping. Finally bought a big scented candles in Bath and Body Works.
6) A before my friend's birthday #selfie
7) A very blurry photo of a.. sunrise?!? Yes in deed. Looks like sunset, right?
8) I loved this nail varnish from the moment I saw it on the internet. So of course had to buy it.
11) #tbt, missing Italy.
12) This is the outfit, I was wearing during that #selfie on 6th.
12) Ohh, Lindt, why don't I eat you more often?
12) My cat is a real deal model. I'm telling you, he will be on Cat Vogue in the future.
13) It looks like spring to me!
16) Packing for the big winter break.

18) WINTER BREAK and of course the first #selfie.
18) I went with my friend to the ski jumping competition in Zakopane. It was the coolest experience ever!
18) And also got an autograph from Peter Prevc.
21) Kind of random view, but liked it very much.
25) Finally in Italy, and first landscapes captured :)
25) Artsy, I was surprised that I took that nice photo.
28) Finally a sunset, worthtaking a picture of.
28) My brother, another model? Just couldn't resist! This view was amazing!
29) On a cold day, you usually drink hot chocolate.

That's it. A lot of photos as usually, not trying to stop with taking photos, especially for you :)
Thank you so much for reading!

Speak to you soon,
Mary x