Because January has come to an end a couple of days ago, I'm going to take a step back and look what I have been loving throughout this month.

1) L'OREAL TRUE MATCH foundation
So I have only started using it at the end of January, but it instantly became a favourite for me. I really get what the hype is about. It is very light on the skin and leaves a skin-like finish. I feel like it's a medium coverage, but I don't a big amount of it, so I'm not pretty sure.

Mascara, which is pretty basic to be honest, doesn't give any colosal changes, BUT it seperates the lashes perfectly. Of course it lengthens the lashes a little bit, but I love it for the seperation. And it usually was just kind of a base under some other mascara.

I got it in January, and have been using every day ever since. Oh man it is a good brush. I don't really have any comparison, but to be honest, I don't know if I want to look for it. It makes the foundation look really good.

I bought it a few months ago. And at first I wasn't a fan of it. I made a review on Crazy in Life, it also is somewhere on Crazy in Beauty. I mentioned that I liked it, or loved it, but didn't really use it. But now I took it to Italy as my normal brush, because it was smaller. I REALLY LOVE IT NOW. I like the way, it leaves my hair, untangled and smooth.

5) GAP hoodie
And at last. My GAP hoodie. You could say, I've been living in them throughout the January. Every day, sometimes nights. Of course don't think I didn't wash them, because I did. And I mean them, because I have three of these. They are so comfy!!!

Thank you for reading. In the comments, tell me what were your favourites in January, because I would love to know.

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. Great list of stuff and any GAP hoodie ever is perfect. I have lived in hoodies since the start of december!
    Another Teen On The Web


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