In todays blog post I'm going to show you my Evening Routine, that I have been doing for a few months now.

So I hate going to sleep in my makeup. It has happened, believe me. I was either too tired or too lazy to do it, but I did. But I felt grossed out and hopefully it will never happen again. Fingers crossed. But around that time I started cleaning my face, I wouldn't say pretty heavy, but to that extened, when I feel it's cleaned.


What I do first is use this L'oreal Paris Ideal Soft makeup remover tonic and obviously remove my makeup. It's not the best one I have ever used, because the Lancome ones are amazing, but too expensive for me. If you have any recommendations for drugstore makeup removers, then write the in the comments. I want to try out the Garnier one. Can't remember the name.


For exfoliating I use the UnderTwenty Anti! Acne Intense Peeling Gel. So this step is sometimes skipped, because I feel like it makes me break out from time to time. Maybe it's just the peeling, but not sure. But it makes my skin suuper soft, not gonna lie.

I actually started using just a couple days ago and I see some changes already. My nose pretty much was covered with blackheads #tmi, but it became soft after using it. Ooo and the name of the product for cleansing is  Clean&Clear Blackhead Clearing Cleanser.

I simply use a hydrating cream, which comes from Garnier, I don't really know what the name in English is, as I got it as a sample a few years ago. But it does its job, and I'm happy.

I hope you enjoyed hearing about my skincare evening routine. In the comments, tell me what are your essentials for an evening time.

Speak to you soon,

Mary x