Yes in deed. I went for quite a long walk on Monday. And it was amazing!

I'm not the biggest fan of walks. But after feeling very unproductive and having a close-depression state, I decided to get my bum of the couch and go for a walk, when the sun has finally started shining pretty fine. It was honestly the best time I had in a long time (not mentioning spending time with my friends of course :)). It was very calming, especially that there was no one, I repeat NO ONE around at that time. I could sing, talk to myself and do whatever I wanted. And I very much enjoyed it. Besides it was a great opportunity to take photos, which I have missed much, because I haven't had a proper photoshoot since... I think January... maybe... probably since winter break. But anyway below, you can check out all of my gorgeous artsy photos, that were taken on that First Walk of 2k15.

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. I love the pictures!! You're a great photographer. Poland looks beautiful in the spring.


  2. These are absolutely beautiful Mary!! It looks like you have a beautiful place to take walks in. I cant imagine what it would be like to be able to walk without having anyone hear me. Sounds awesome. So glad you had a chance to get these pics because they are stunning. Awesome job!!


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