All the exciting things that happened to me in the month of February. But all in photos from Instagram!

2) After coming back from Italy, it was time to meet with Kate and eat some Vietnamese (not Chinese, as I thought) food.
5) Actually I took a lot of food photos this month, so this Jennifer Lawrence quote is very relevant.
5) Amazing winter wonderland!
6) My favourite chocolate in the world. Ritter Sport everybody!
8) The cat protecting the camera.
11) A very pretty (in my opinion) valentine makeup look. You can see the finished look also on Crazy in Beauty.
12) Fat Thursday. Yes, I did eat a lot of donuts :) I think like 5 or sth haha
13) Friday after school. Waiting for da bus!

14) Happy Valentine's Day. Love this photo!
15) Hot chocolate never gets old. And this whipped cream. Heaven!
17) Winter's gone. Spring welcome. But it's still pretty cold. Not gonna lie.
17) After Fat Thursday, came Pancakes Day. I woke up at 6 am to make those. Totally worth it :)
20) Again a pizza feast with Kate. It's not like every time we meet, all we do is eat. Okay maybe sometimes haha.
20) Before meeting with Kate, there was a beautiful sunset!
23) I HAVE NEW GLASSES. Love them!
26) Making myself a smoothie. Raspberry, strawberry and cherry flavour. Yuummmmy!

Hopefully you enjoyed seeing all the photos from my February, in the comments let me know if you have a similar series on your blog and maybe add a link. Would love to see it!

Speak to you soon,
Mary x


  1. Your cat is so cute protecting your camera for you haha. :) xx


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