March has come to an end, but let's recap my month in photos, shall we?

From left to right (the numbers represent the day)
1) Celebrating the win of bronze medal in ski jumping!
1) A healthy snack while blogging.
3) School trip at a TV studio. I really enjoyed the celling.
5) Happy Lunar Day!
5) Still rocking that waved ponytail.
7) Meeting with Kate for a burger at Bobby Burger.
7) Getting all cultural with Kate at National Museum in Warsaw.
8) Happu International Women's Day!

 11) First wear for my leather jacket from New Look.
11) My new jam, Jason Derulo's Want You to Want Me
14) Throwback Thursday to that burger and cultural day with Kate.
14) Wearing red lips to a shopping mall.
15) Having some scrumbled eggs with orange juice. Yuuumy!
16) First Walk of 2k15
17) The most appropraite jumper for me #BloggerDoItBetter
17) Another walk, showing off my camera, such a pro.

 18) First Bike Ride of 2k15
18) A lovely sunset during that bike trip.
21) Another yummy breakfast - cottage cheese, tomato and bread.
21) Magnum Tiramisu - me new ice cream love
21) Solar Eclipse
22) Watching Fury, Logan Lerman is a hottie.
23) Last ski jumping competition of the season. Missing it already!
26) I love those bike rides,

29) Having some spaghetti alla carbonara with my bestie at a very fancy restaurant!
29) Posing, posing. (at the same restaurant)
29) Ahh that moon!
30) The best tea - Bubblelogy.
30) My cat waas hiding under a carpet. Crazy?

That is the end of March. Let's hope for the best in April. What was the highlight of March for you?

Speak to you soon,
Mary x