This week I WATCHED surprisingly not a lot of TV shows. Just Big Bang Theory on my society lessons. I know bad student. But besides that on the weekend I watched Guardians of the Galaxy, which wasn't the best out of all the superheroes movies in my opinion. But was so funny, I would honestly classify it as a comedy.

Martian, which I was supposed to end this week, is lying on a table next to my bed, and was not moved for a whole week. I was so lazy to READ it. So yeeah, I didn't read anything this week, which makes me really sad.

I LISTENED to obviously a lot of songs. But there were a few songs, that really stood out for me. Jason Derulo released his new single called Want You To Want Me. If you know me, you'll know I'm quite a fan of JD, so thumbs up for this one. Then Chris Brown (another fave) has a new song with Deorro- Five More Hour, which is actually different to what I listen to everyday. It's more of a party song to be honest. But I like this one very much.

Pasta. I have EATEN so much spaghetti this week, that I won't even count the plates. Today spaghetti carbonara, on Thursday spaghetti napolitana. I'm pretty sure, I ate bolognese one somewhere along the week. Haha, I don't even remember it.

LOOK FORWARD to mainly half of the week free. We have 4 lessons from Monday to Wednesday, and then I go home. Can't wait!